Trusted Road Maintenance Provider in the US and Canada

Fine Line Markings in Stony Creek, Ontario has been serving the road maintenance and repair industry since 1987.

We are determined to provide quality and affordable road maintenance services to nearly all states and provinces of the USA and Canada. Fine Line Markings has nearly a century of combined experience in the road maintenance industry.

Our commitment to staff training and education on leading-edge advanced technologies in the road maintenance industry ensures we strive for continuous growth and expansion, ensuring the best possible products and services.

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Our Values

At Fine Line Markings, we keep the integrity of our services and customer satisfaction by living by these values:

  • Long-Term Client Relationships
  • Top-Tier Consulting
  • Long-Lasting Results

Working With Known Clients

Our team strives for customer satisfaction. We work with big or small road maintenance and repair projects. Some of our clients include: